The Kitty Crew

About the Kitty Crew

Born April 13th, 2013, the Kitty Crew started life as a group of friends running a Minecraft server. Since then the Kitty Crew has
moved on to other games. Notably we play on and host a Minecraft server, and play games like Battlerite, Civilization,
Counter-Strike, Dota 2, GTAV, Overwatch, and Rocket League.

Active Member List:

Our Friends List:

  • PapaP90
  • KittenCaboodle
  • Neracus
  • SellingPapayas
  • ObligatoryCat
  • ECandB
  • OmegaGrimer
  • Y.F.F.M.
  • Flynt
  • PhantomArcher
  • Tommy
  • TheRagingArcanine
  • PenguinFTW
  • Rhandorscius
  • Ultradevon
  • ConcernedCat
  • SlowLizard